ChinaBridge Mould

ChinaBridge Mould has been dedicated to provide the worldwide first-class customers with moulds for various bottle containers and accessories in different materials which are applicable to NNPB, B&B and P&B process. 

We ship over 45,000 cavities to more than 50 glass plants globally and we are proud to be one of the largest glass mould suppliers in Europe and America market. 

Our mould shops are located in south-eastern China and other Asia countries. They are certified by ISO9001-2008 and equipped with LG Mazak MC ,HASS MC ,high speed CNC engraver machine , Mazak CNC lathe machine, plasma welding machine, and other special purpose machine.

We have experienced engineering team who use advanced CAD/CAM/CAE software to design the moulds, set the programmes and simulate the real samples. In addition, to meet the demand of the customers for some of the complicated designs, the engineers will always analyze the heat distribution and simulate the glass forming process in the moulds with the advanced software. 
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